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aboutWho is Nitalie DeLouse?

*Scratch scratch scratch... scratch scratch scratch* Sitting between two adorable children, Amanda couldn't help but notice they were both jumpy and itchy.

*Scratch scratch scratch...* First one scraped behind an ear, then the other atop their head. Following, they both rubbed at the back of their neck. Back and forth they
scratched, over and over. It was like itchiness in stereo. *Scratch scratch scratch...* Scanning the riotous children's table laden with fairy bread and cordial, Amanda also clocked one of the fathers absentmindedly grating at his scalp with a fork. What was going on here?

Amanda peered thoughtfully into her drink. There on the surface of the sugary liquid was a tiny grey swimmer. To her horror another similar creature alighted nearby. It was then she knew they needed a superhero. She pulled her phone from her bag and called the only one who could help: she called Nitalie DeLouse.

Nitalie Delouse is the superhero of head lice removal. Equipped with the revolutionary Nitalie Delouse Technique are ready to pounce at a single phone call. Her products are natural, safe and 100% effective – and she also works fast! Head lice meet their maker in a single 30 minute treatment followed by comb out.

Being a superhero, Nitalie also knows all about secret identities - so don't worry, she'll keep her visit a secretThe only reminder you will have of her is clean, beautiful, nit-free hair.

Amanda called Nitalie that day and she flew in to visit the whole party. With the greatest of ease she banished the bothersome beasties while everyone had fun. No more itching and scratching for these kids, big and small.

Hooray for Nitalie DeLouse! She keeps hair hygienic – and nits shaking in their little boots.

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