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Video testimonial from mother of two, Western Australia



Mother of 8 year old, San Remo, Western Australia

"After having nits for the second time in six months, I was so frustrated. Nitalie DeLouse detected eggs I never would have seen, while the LouseBuster machine was so comfortable it nearly put my daughter to sleep. It was like a head massage. It also gave me peace of mind that the products were 100% natural. I would highly recommend Nitalie DeLouse."

Mother of two girls, Meadow Springs, Mandurah, Western Australia

"It didn't cost as much as I thought, especially after already having spend bucket loads on other products at the chemist. Nitalie DeLouse and her mobile nitpickers are quick, thorough and efficient – in fact, they are a godsend!"

Name withheld on request

"Nitalie DeLouse was understanding and thoughtful and made my whole situation much easier to bear. What could have been an ongoing nightmare in my household was dealt with quickly and painlessly – and was actually a bit fun. I highly recommend Nitalie DeLouse to all parents."

Tam Dijkhuizen, Western Australia.

Tuesday after school we discovered Riley had lice. I had to go to work though and that normally would've meant keeping the kids home from school Wednesday to treat them. But instead I rang Nitalie Delouse and she met me at my mum's house and treated both kids in two hours (while I went to work). Normally it would take me all day to get through my daughter's hair because it is long thick and curly. This was a painless, stressless, chemical free solution for all of us. A massive thank you to Nitalie DeLouse!

Telstra Business Testimonials

  • Nat is the best. She has treated my daughters hair 9 times. We have never had a problem and she always has a smile for us. Hope she wins because she came up with a winner of an idea. Finally we are lice free.

  • Congratulations Nitalie Delouse!!! So proud of your company and what it is achieving and of all the people it's helping. Keep up the amazing work!

  • I support Natalie becoming a finalist. She is a true business woman and deserves the Award. Natalie is determined to help families in the hard moments.

  • Fantastic product. Well done Natalie.

  • One amazing woman, one amazing product put them together and it blows those NITS AWAY!!! I LOVE YOUR WORK.

  • Well done girls, you have worked so hard, keep up the great work.

  • Thank god for Nitalie Delouse! If it wasn't for you I would have gone crazy dealing with head-lice on my kids. You are my guardian angels. Well done and good luck.

  • Good luck Nitalie Delouse!

  • Congrats to you Natalie, you have worked so hard for this. It is so well deserved. Wishing you luck!

  • Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination Nitalie Delouse! Your professionalism & hard work is being recognised! A much needed service in WA! Good luck!

  • Congratulations on your nomination. All your hard work is paying off. Wishing you all the best. Crossing everything for you xx.

  • So incredibly proud of all your hard work and this nomination just shows a dream can be a reality. Good luck tonight and a big congratulations

  • Natalie Kemp is an amazing woman that has turned the most horrid routine of getting rid of nits into a delightful experience. I am so proud of you Natalie!

  • Best of luck to the amazing Nat Kemp & her team!